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Why 925Talk?

Powerful Networking Tool

Great online networking and collaborating tool for professionals and business people from different backgrounds.

Awesome User-friendly Features

Easy-to-use features built with the end user in mind which also provides a functional user interface and experience.

Mobile Responsive Platform

Network and collaborate while on the move without missing anything from the comfort of any mobile device.

Great Learning Environment

Knowledge sharing and transfer of expertise made easy as experienced professionals gather in one place to collaborate.

Robust Profile Management

Dynamic profile management system which determines how users view your profile online and also communicate with you.

Secure Collaborative Platform

Network and collaborate in a safe and secured online environment as all data flow have a powerful end-to-end encryption.

Core Features

Search Function

Use our intelligent member search function to find professionals from all over the world with similar interests or area of specialty and collaborate on various related projects.

Member Search
Private Messaging

Private Messaging

Send and receive private messages through our real time chat function and do not miss any important information. Get notified within an hour of receiving a message when offline.

User Profile

Experience a fully-functional member profile area where each user can create a headlining professional page for other users to view their interests, experience or educational background.

User Profile
Job Dashboard

Job Dashboard

Get a firsthand view of job listings posted by members who are searching for skilled professionals in specific ares of expertise and also apply online with the click of a button.

Job Listing

Gain access to top-level skills in your industry by listing your job openings on the platform and receive interests for full-time, part-time, freelance, internship and temporary positions .

Post a Job
Verified Account

Verified Accounts

Collaborate and network in a safe and secure environment with the assurance that the individuals you are making contact with are real people with reputable businesses and backgrounds.

Networking Community

Collaborating Globally

Be part of millions of professionals globally who are making new business contacts daily, closing big ticket deals, getting employed by fortune 500 companies and securing funding for their growing startups. A new research has revealed that 85% of jobs filled are often accomplished through networking activities conducted by individuals directly involved to the hiring company or other related contacts. Join other motivated individuals and businesses on our platform and increase your chances of getting to the next level of your field of expertise.

Monthly Plans



  • Build An Online Profile
  • Send Private Messages
  • 10 Daily Message Chat
  • Browse Job Dashboard
  • View Members Profiles
  • 48-Hrs Client Feedback



  • Build An Online Profile
  • Send Private Messages
  • 40 Daily Message Chat
  • Browse Job Dashboard
  • View Members Profiles
  • 24-Hrs Client Feedback
  • Members Can Use Tags
  • Follow Other Members
  • Get A Verified Account



  • Build An Online Profile
  • Send Private Messages
  • 90 Daily Message Chat
  • Browse Job Dashboard
  • View Members Profiles
  • 12-Hrs Client Feedback
  • Members Can Use Tags
  • Follow Other Members
  • Get A Verified Account
  • Advertise A Job Online
  • Social Activity Function
  • Can Use Profile Privacy


Are there any restrictions regarding upgrading and downgrading plans?

Users can upgrade to a higher plan at the end of a monthly cycle. Downgrades can also be done to a lower plan at the end of a monthly cycle. Please give us a month’s notice before the date or time of the upgrade/downgrade by sending us an email at [email protected]

Do I sign a long-term contract to be on the Premium or Advance plan?

Subscribing to the Premium or Advance plans is a month-to-month agreement. Users can cancel this at any time they want to. However, a month’s notice before the cancellation date will have to be given. A monthly invoice will be issued via PayPal reminding you to pay your subscription. Failure to make payments will cause your account to be downgraded to the Standard plan.

How possible is it to connect with professionals on all of the plans on the platform?

Connection can ONLY be accomplished with professionals within your plan if you are subscribed to the Standard package. However, users subscribed to the Premium package can connect with both Standard and Premium package holders. Users of the Advance package can connect to members in all the three (3) packages

Is the private messaging in real time? What happens if the recipient of my message is offline?

Our private messaging function is conducted in real time as long as the person you are chatting with is online. But in a case where the individual is offline, he/she will receive a notification via email within an hour of the message being sent.

Do I pay for accessing any posting in the Job dashboard? And can I apply for jobs online?

Browsing the Job Dashboard is entirely free. Each job listing has an “Apply For Job” button which will take the applicant to the email address applicants can send their application to. You can also attached your documents here.

I have some job positions I need to list but I use a Standard plan. Can I still get to list this?

Subscribers to the Standard plan can not list jobs. This function is ONLY open to subscribers on the Premium and Advance plans. You will have to upgrade your plan to the Premium or Advance plans to be able to list jobs.

How can I view members' profile when I can't connect with other members outside my plan?

Subscribers to the Standard plan can only view the profiles of users within their plan but cannot connect with subscribers to the Premium and Advance plans or view their profiles. You must upgrade to be able to perform this function.

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